Why I Hate DirectTv

Remeber when Cable was ad free?

Cable companies have gotten out of control, scraping every last dollar of the crusted and frankly empty wallets of American's. Remember when cable was ad free? We do. We also remember a time when customer service was king. Sadly, those days are gone and we are left to fight our own battles.

Tell us why you hate direct tv. It can be anything, really. One time I was eating an apple and got to close to the core and ate a piece of that really hard stuff in the middle, while I was watching Direct Tv...ugh I hate them. Leave a comment, read comments, leave another.

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Charles D Horton says...
On Jan 14 I paid Direct Tv $108.00 to Direct TV through bill pay online with USbank. I sent them proof of the transaction from my bank that I paid them. They absolutely denies they ever got the money. But my bank will back up my claim. Direct Tv says that sense it is not in there system that they never got it. Just think about it they say they did not get the money but your bank says they did? Where did the money go?
Cindy says...
I just spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to cancel my premium channels and got nothing but the runaround. The "customer service" representative kept asking me what shows I was watching and was I aware that I wouldn't be able to watch them any more and ridiculous questions such as that. The longer she talked the more enraged I became. It was clear that she was not going to cancel the channels. She refused to let me speak to her supervisor. I am sure this is a script devised by Direct TV Read More
Kevin Andrzejczak says...
Ooh do I hate Directv. Where do I start. There sales and customer service lie by omission. I am listed as secondary on the account but every single time I call them they will tell me I'm not listed and they can't talk too me without pimary account holders permission. So Ive put them on the line and they've told them to add me to the account about 5 times. The slightest bit of snow and receiver goes out. Equipment is junk. Cant get caller id to work with their system but works fine on phone. Read More
Delaina says...
I can't stand Directv because 1. They dropped weather channel! 2. They are ALWAYS threatening to drop other channels & refuse to compensate the bill. They dropped TWC because they didn't want to charge more so WHY are we still paying for it? 3. The guide is horrible! I rely on my drv, and there's nothing more agrivating than to sit down after a long day at work, select my favorite show on my playlist & it be a totally different program. If it did not cost so much to cancel I would have Read More
Victoria Catoe says...
I hate directv because they got me to sign a new contract under false pretenses saying they could bundle my phone, tv & internet for less but after the contract was in effect they said they could not deliver. I have been a customer since 1995 and pay almost $200.00 a month and there is never anything to watch. I hate dire tv because they dropped the weather channel & INSP and then lied about it.
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